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Videozilla supports command-line feature. You can launch it with the command-line like:
convert /avi /file c:\test.mov
Please note that you do not need to put the quote on the command and also all the commands must be in lowercase. The Videozilla executable directory must be in your path variable or you must put the explicit path to the executable in the command line call. Please click here to download the complete help manual for command-line.
Help Flag:
/? (command-line help manual)
Output Format Flag:
/avi (convert to avi video)
/mpeg (convert to mpeg video)
/mp4 (convert to mpeg-4 video)
/3gp (convert to 3gp video)
/mov (convert to mov video)
/wmv (convert to wmv video)
/rm (convert to realmedia video)
/flash (convert to flash video)
/mp3 (convert to mp3 audio)
/wav (convert to wav audio)
Input Flag:
/file <input file> (eg. parameter: c:\test.mov)
/idir <input folder> (eg. parameter: c:\video)
Output Flag:
/odir <output folder> (eg. parameter: c:\converted video)
/usesourcedir <value> (0 = false, 1 = true; /odir flag will be ignored is this flag is used)
Output Video Size Flag:
/useoriginalsize <value> (0 = false, 1 = true)
/outputwidth <value> (eg. parameter: 240)
/outputheight <value> (eg. parameter: 320)
convert /avi /file c:\test.mov
This above commands will convert C:\test.mov file to avi video format.
convert /avi /idir c:\video
The above commands will convert all video files in the C:\video folder to avi video format.
convert /mp4 /idir c:\video /odir C:\converted
The above commands will convert all video files in the C:\video folder to mp4 video format and save them in C:\converted folder.
convert /wmv /file C:\test.mov /useoriginalsize 0 /outputwidth 240 /outputheight 320
The above commands will convert video file C:\test.mov to wmv video format with 240 x 320 video resolutions.
Please download the command-line help manual for more advanced commands.
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