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Reduce AVI file Size

Tutorials > How to reduce AVI file size
AVI video format is a multimedia container format and it can be compressed with different type of video and audio codecs. By default, the Fully uncompressed raw AVI will create a very large file size video. It can easily reach up to several GB of file size just for a short video. We can use the available AVI video codec in Videozilla under AVI settings, to reduce the AVI file size without losing the original video quality. Divx, Xvid, or X.264 are among the video codecs that you can use to reduce the AVI video file size and maintain the original quality. Since AVI is a container format, you can also install new codecs on your computer and use it for avi conversion in Videozilla Video Converter.
To reduce AVI file size in Videozilla:
Run Videozilla > Preferences > AVI Settings: Change the AVI Codec to other available codecs instead of "Fully Uncompressed" . Click on ok and right-click to convert your video.
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